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One the most precious gifts we could ever hope to experience. I don't typically photograph newborns but I am a push over and when it's family, I insist! The way these parents looked at their beautiful little baby girl was heartwarming and it made for a beautifully intimate, loving, personal, precious session. The way first time parents look at their new babies in disbelief, "Did we do this?" "How can something so tiny fill our hearts so much?"

I remember meeting our of daughter for the first time. Big brown eyes looking at us. Content being in our arms. I must have cried every night because my heart was overflowing with so much love. I could only hope that I would be an amazing mother to this tiny little miracle. To get to love her and protect her and do my best to teach her how to grow up being mindful of others and self. Would she be kind, thoughtful, empathetic? Turns out, yes, she has an unlimited amount of empathy and understanding, acceptance, creativity kindness and thoughtfulness. I can and I can't wait to watch her grow into a women and beyond! Time flies by too fast.

However you gained a new little one in your life, I don't doubt that these questions enter your mind. All I can say is cherish every moment. The good the bad and the down right dirty and you know what I mean... projectile things happen. It is NOT a lie! Be prepared! LOL!

On that note, enjoy these tender moments.

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